We’re down to two

You voted in your thousands and now the results are in. Only the two most thoroughbred BNOCs now remain but only one can be victorious.

We can exclusively reveal the first of our finalists to be Netball League President, Laura “Hutch” Hutchinson who won heat two with 34 per cent of the vote.


Hutch’s popularity extends beyond campus though, she even has the run of one of Hull’s finest takeaways. She says: “Usman in San Remo’s gives me free food every week and gets upset if I don’t go in for a week.”

Like any true BNOC though she was humbled by her victory, telling us: “I’m very flattered but I this find it all pretty embarrassing.”

If Hutch is to be the new matriarch of Hull University she will have to fight off stiff competition from Hockey Captain Alex Waller who won a tightly contested heat one with 32 per cent of the vote.


The great Alex Waller won your vote based on the fact he trapped his roommate with a homemade snow wall. Rebel.

Alex, who is prone to the odd injury (which may court him the sympathy vote), who has broken both ankles, elbow, nose and split his head open four times is happy to have got the the final two.

He told the Tab:”I’d like to thank my friends and family for supporting me through this challenging time and I appreciate all the support from my followers.”

What a sweetheart.

So who will be victorious and take the BNOC 2015 crown? You decide.



  • Will Beech

    Laurence Taberner has worked his arse off to get this nomination… And you haven’t even fucking considered him.

  • Will Beech

    who are these people

  • Will Beech

    I demand a re-vote as Laurence Taberner was sick when entries had to be made. He is the king of Hull.

  • Alex Waller

    I would like to concede my place to Laurence Taberner, he deserves it far more than I ever could. What a guy.