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With thousands of readers every week, The Tab Hull is the first place to go for the latest news and gossip in and around campus.

For over two years now The Tab has been bringing you all the need to know info, and now is your chance to be a part of it.

Here at The Tab Hull we’ve delivered massive stories this term alone, from the University’s controversial pay gap, the unusual spike in Hull’s metrosexuals using sunbeds to impress the ladies and the Hull City FC has-been who assaulted the Snooker Society President.

The Tab Hull know how to party

The Tab Hull know how to party

By joining The Tab, you could:

• Have your stories in the national newspapers

• Gain valuable work placements at companies such as the Mail on Sunday, The Times and BuzzFeed

• Interview the biggest names on campus to get the latest eye-opening stories

But don’t worry, we are not expecting you to join as a first class journalist. No experience is needed to join our team, you just need to be fun and enthusiastic.

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And if you aim to have a career in journalism, joining the Tab is the perfect way to start and gain experience.

Don’t believe us? Have a look at our inspirational alumni.

We also have our own London Bureau (slight exaggeration… it’s an office, but awesome nonetheless), with a team of experienced writers on hand to help if you get stuck or just need advice on writing techniques.

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Like a good social? Here at The Tab we also have the biggest parties which you’ll be invited to if you write for us. Warning: they can get a bit wild.

Interested? Email editor@hulltab.co.uk by Monday, December 8th with two article ideas.

For further information or if you have any questions, drop us an email.

0 thoughts on “Join The Tab Hull now: It’ll be the best thing you do at uni

    1. They didn’t mean it to be racist, it’s just that we (I’m from Edinburgh) are all so pale, whenever we sit in the sun en masse, it can be blinding :’)

    2. It’s just a joke regarding how pale many of the students at Edinburgh are (myself included). Obviously Edinburgh has students of various ethnicities/skin colours other than Caucasians, but considering the tone of the article I very much doubt it was trying to deliberately ignore them.

    3. Not sure what is racist about suggesting white people look even whiter and paler in bright sun light, it would hardly make sense to say that black people gleam white in the sun. Moreover Edinburgh University undergraduates are almost 94% caucasian and only 0.4% black.

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