The Union bores are back

Bonding ritual circling is the latest to be axed at the hands of union stiffs as the Tower saga escalates.

After cancelling Tower at the end of last semester because of “serious licensing issues”, circling has now been banned as the Union reintroduces Tower from January 21.

In a statement released today, the Union insists the ban on circling – the well loved tradition of playing drinking games and chanting while sat in a circle – does not mean a ban on socials.

But furious jocks have branded the restriction “ludicrous” as many clubs could jeopardise their sponsorship if they don’t have socials in Asylum.

Luke Coughlan, third year Sports Science student and first team captain for Rugby told The Tab: “I don’t want to spend any money in the Student Union again.

“I feel totally let down by the people we put in charge.”

Harry (far right) bonding at a mixed social

Harry (far right) bonding at a mixed social

Upset lacrosse fresher and fourth year Marketing student Harry Smith is concerned about the effect the controversial decision will have on team bonding.

He said: “This is an absolute outrage.

“Circling has been an essential part of team bonding.

“It is ludicrous to let a whole culture suffer from a few team’s downfalls.”

Although this is the case for many students, some are happy to see the back of the “embarrassment” that is circling.

Third year Oli Buchanan said: “It’s about time circling got banned.

“It’s embarrassing and shit.”

The decision is already impacting on socials as many clubs rely on sponsorship from Asylum.

Choosing to change their night out could see the funds they so desperately need vanish, as part of their contract requires clubs to have socials in Asylum from 7pm until 10pm on Wednesdays.

Laura Hutchinson, President of netball league told The Tab: “We’re going to circle elsewhere and either keep going to Piper, or go to Tower.

“It depends on what the rest of the AU teams want, as obviously we all want to do the same thing.”


And questions have been raised about the safety of gathering in other venues.

Ashleigh Davies, third year Social Care student and netball league social sec said: “I’m worried about the safety of our girls.

“Using Asylum for socials means we know they are safe, and that there will always be people around if they need it.

“Doing socials in other locations makes it impossible for us social secs to make sure every girl is safe and gets into Asylum.

“There are people socialising at Bevvy, when they’re drunk they will be in a dangerous position to get all the way to Asylum safely.

“We have socials of 60 plus that we have to get there safely.”


It was left to the Cricket Club, however, to ask the question on everyone’s lips:

Richard Brooks, President of the Union, told The Tab: “The decision to no longer allow organised drinking activity follows both the events that led to the cancellations of Tower before Christmas, as well as concerns for student welfare and the impact of this activity on local residents.

“We would also like to stress this is not a ban on ‘socials’ and AU clubs are still invited to socialise in our licensed premise from 7 to 10pm.

“We welcome suggestions as to how we can make this an enjoyable experience for our sports teams and have already opened discussions with clubs to get their thoughts.

“We realise some of our members will be upset and angry with our decision but we have a duty to ensure our ongoing activities are not a risk to Hull University Union as an organisation now or in the future.

“We would like to reassure members that both Tower and Brassick will continue to provide a great night out for students and drinks prices will not be affected by this decision.”

We love a circle.

We love a circle

As hashtag #bantheban becomes ever more irate, how are you planning on making sure your chunder is purple on a Wednesday night?

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  • Circle

    What are these mysterious “events” that happened at the end of last year that’s causing all this shit???

    • ding dong

      someone from football stood on a car I heard from a uni staff member

  • kess

    This is a shame, will force students to socialise some where else. Rather then trying to secure the safety of students when socialising they create new rules which will endanger their own students. A Student Union which cannot police its own students should not be in the entertainment bussiness