Larissa Hodgkins delves into the depths of the BJL and makes some surprising finds.

Ever stumbled across a weird book in the BJL that leaves you thinking you’re studying the wrong subject? Or one that makes you laugh out loud, much to the dismay of the silent floor? Well it turns out that there are some strange and surprising books that are sure to brighten even the bleakest of library sessions.

5. Harris, Victoria, Selling sex in the Reich [electronic resource]: prostitutes in German society, 1914-1945.


It’s always nice to see that the librarians efforts go to good causes by scanning books for us to access online, however this find left me thinking they should re-prioritise– not that this charming tale of German prostitutes in the early 20th Century isn’t a great read…


4. Leacock, Stephen, Funny Pieces: A Book of Random Sketches.

Not as funny as you might think, and almost completely irrelevant to every subject at the university.


3. Andreou, Chrisoula & White, Mark D. (ed.) The thief of time: philosophical essays on procrastination.

What better way to procrastinate than with a good read about procrastination. Unless that’s your essay title, in which case you could try…
2. Toulalan, Sarah, Imagining Sex: Pornography and Bodies in Seventeenth Century England.

Despite being a history student, I can’t think of any reason why someone would need to read this book. Also the fact that the RRP of this is £77 makes me wonder who is controlling our library budget.


1. Williams, Linda (ed.), Porn Studies.

I’d really appreciate someone shedding some light as to why this little gem is shelved in the library. High demand collection anyone? Maybe I’m doing the wrong course.